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Who we are

From homelessness to home

We understand that there are infinite circumstances that may lead people to our doors. We do not turn anyone away.

“My room is my sanctuary. It’s my home. I feel safe.”

Our hubs and hostels are a place to meet and shower. To wash clothes, or to change into new ones. To eat nutritious cooked meals. To access health support. And this is just the start of the journey. Our overriding aim is to provide people with the life skills they need to sustain a home and a brighter future.

Our staff and volunteers are the very best of us. Compassionate. Respectful. Kind. Some have experienced exactly what our clients are going through. Others have worked in this field for many years, bringing specialised skills and knowledge. We are all united in our desire to prevent homelessness and restore lives.

The non-negotiable promise is that Stonepillow is a safe space without judgement. The journey to recovery, wellbeing and independence starts here.

Get to know us and our team

Our Story

Stonepillow’s vision is that homelessness in our community is prevented, and when it occurs, lives are restored.

Our Team

Our Senior Leadership Team has a wealth of experience across a range of private, public and charitable organisations.

Our Volunteers

Over 180 members of the local community clock up about 20,000 hours of precious time each year that’s integral to the running of Stonepillow.

We are always looking for people who share our passion for empowering Stonepillow clients with the information, skills and tools needed to transform their lives and fulfil their own potential.

Our partners

Now I am living in Stonepillow accommodation, I have the security I need to address other issues that have been a constant worry. I can’t thank Stonepillow enough for helping sort everything out and for helping me begin to get my life back on track.

Stonepillow Client

I work five days a week Monday to Friday. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are the only days the hub is open in the evening and are the only days I can receive support without jeopardising my income.

Stonepillow Client

My previous feelings of uselessness and having no self-worth diminished. I was given responsibility, I was trusted, someone believed in me.

Stonepillow Client

The hub enables me to clean up, freshen up after work. As a construction worker this is perfect as I work a dirty job and there is nowhere else which can provide me with this service.

Stonepillow Client

Stonepillow's Recovery Service gave me a support network which meant I didn’t feel alone. Having a key worker and being around people in the same situation was invaluable and I learnt so much about myself.

Stonepillow Client

On top of shower facilities the hub is a place where I can eat, talk and communicate with the staff and other members about my day, my feelings and any emotions I may want to get off my chest. They are amazing at what they do, and I’d hate to think what position I’d be in if this kind of help wasn’t available.

Stonepillow Client

Your support is priceless

Time. Money. Stuff. BIG things. Little things. Every thing makes a difference.