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From prevention to restoration

Our five pillars pathway to independence

We want everyone facing crisis to feel hope. That there is opportunity in life. If you find yourself in crisis or facing homelessness, Stonepillow’s support will be focussed on you as an individual and we offer a wide range of specialist services and projects to make sure this happens.

“I come to the Hub for food, help with benefits and to shower; I have no idea where I’d go if it wasn’t here. Stonepillow is a sanctuary for me”



Our first aim is to prevent people becoming homeless. If your tenancy is at risk of breaking down, we can work with and advocate for you to help to stabilise it. We support ex-offenders to find tenancies so they don’t risk being released into homelessness. We look after young people who are leaving care. And we work with local hospitals to prevent readmission.


We know, of course, that homelessness is almost always the result of traumatic life events, past and present. And when lives do break down, we are here. To provide outreach. To meet basic needs. To offer vital counselling and mental health crisis support.

Simply by being here – by listening, empathising and advising – we aim to relieve you from the stress and distress of your circumstances. We support where we can, and where we can’t we connect you to the services you need.



The next step is to help those who find themselves homeless to recover. We do this by providing emergency 24/7 accommodation, and by working in partnership with other services for specific needs – whether that is substance misuse, domestic abuse, or acute mental health.


When you are ready, and able, we will help you to access more independent housing as you move on with your life. This may mean moving straight into your own tenancy, supported and shared accommodation, or a specialist accommodation service.


And finally, we’ll help you to restore your self-reliance and independence. We can help you to access education, skills training and volunteer work. We will support you to find health and wellbeing activities that suit you.

We know that sustainable change won’t be easy and rebuilding a life involves more than finding a home. We’ve supported clients to bridge into higher education at Chichester University, to volunteer, to join in community art classes, to stretch their comfort zones and build their confidence with watersports and outdoor activities. We help them reconnect with family and friends, and to find their place within their community.

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“I received warmth, food, showers, clothes, and a roof over my head without judgement. This saved my life