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Vincent first started working with Stonepillow over 10 years ago. He was initially accessing our night shelter in Bognor Regis. Over the years Vincent was a regular client at our hostels and formerly the Lodge, now referred to as Hicks House, but was repeatedly evicted for disruptive behaviour due to his addiction to alcohol. Vincent was accepted into rehab in London, but struggled being so far away from Chichester. He was supported to transfer to Stonepillow’s recovery project, but eventually relapsed and returned to a cycle of rough sleeping and temporary accommodation.
Despite this, we were not prepared to give up on Vincent, and thankfully neither was he! When we started Stonepillow’s Housing First Scheme in 2020, we knew Vincent was the perfect fit. Through intensive work, Vincent secured his own flat in Chichester, and has managed to maintain this for nearly two years!
Vincent has progressed so much in this time, has made his house a home and now requires very minimal support in managing his tenancy. Since having his own accommodation, Vincent is back doing the hobbies that he loves the most – recently he was able to use his Housing First budget to purchase the equipment he needed to start sea-fishing again – an activity he used to enjoy with his family.
We are so proud of Vincent for what he has achieved and our team who have been with him through the highs and lows of his journey. 💜