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The road to recovery is not always an easy one but Stonepillow is always there to help.

Rory came to Stonepillow in 2012 having become homeless because of alcohol and substances misuse. Following a 12 week residential detox and rehab he moved to Stonepillow Recovery Service in Bognor Regis, determined to become abstinent and recover from a cycle of addiction and homelessness.

Rory spent six months at our recovery service then he moved to Stonepillow’s abstinence house in Chichester, where we provide supported accommodation for people who want to remain abstinent from alcohol and drugs. Here his life began to look very different. Rory went from strength to strength. He attended college where he qualified to become a personal trainer. He also became a valued member of ASURA, a group of ‘Recovery Peer Mentors’ who provide workshops and ‘Drop In’s’ that help and support rough sleepers in managing their substance misuse issues.

He went into schools to talk to children about the dangers of Alcohol and Drugs and to tell them his story. His cheerful personality made him a popular speaker. He volunteered his time at Stonepillow’s Chichester Hub were he offered his support to clients at the beginning of their recovery journey.

Rory continued to thrive. He was made caretaker of Stonepillow’s supported accommodation, where he was living. He reported repairs and any issues in the house, and he quickly became the person that other residents would go to if they had a problem or needed support and a friendly face.

With support from our staff he was eventually given a flat through the local council, where he could live independently. This represented a huge milestone for Rory. He was delighted and looked forward to a future full of promise.

However, independent living for someone who suffers from mental health issues, and who is still vulnerable in their recovery, can be difficult to cope with and after a short while Rory became very depressed. He relapsed and was rushed to St Richard’s Hospital after being found unconscious on the streets.

Over the following 7 days he was detoxed and his mental health was monitored. Stonepillow’s Recovery Manager was contacted and made arrangements for Rory to return to Stonepillow Recovery Service.

Rory is now once again receiving support from Stonepillow and has started to feel and look better and engage with peers and with staff. He is attending therapeutic groups that are part of his ongoing recovery at Stonepillow. He is visiting his flat and consolidating his recovery and support network for when he feels strong enough to return to it. With our help Rory will regain control of the life that he has worked so hard to rebuild.

(Our client’s name has been changed to protect their identity)

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