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We are so grateful to Charlie and Pippi for giving up their Easter holiday to fundraise for us with their Easter challenge. They have raised an amazing £1,650 and this will help so many people in so many ways!

Here is what Charlie & Pippi’s Mum, Alison, said about the challenge:

”I think we all enjoyed the challenges, but they were definitely opportunities for deep thinking about how lucky we are and social responsibility.

The food for £5 was a great conversation starter and a really tricky challenge. We talked about whether our day was healthy or not because there was no salad or fruit.

The physical challenges were also fun but mostly because friends came to support as well which kept them going.

The toughest challenge was the memory one (remember a poem by heart). We also had the chance to talk to them about facing these challenges in isolation and only for one day, how hard would it be if it was several challenges every day?”

Click here to read the report Charlie wrote about the challenge. 

We live a good life and are blessed with what we have but we don’t want to take that for granted and we want to be able to give something back.


Some examples of Charlie and Pippi’s Easter Challenges included a barefoot walk – 7 miles on sand, feeding the family 3 meals for £5, a 20km cycle, busking for 2 hours and memorising a poem. ”We tried to think of challenges which would help us feel what others might feel and so imagined what it would be like to walk in other people’s footsteps.”

You can read their feature in the Chichester Observer here.